Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's do the timewarp

   A couple days ago I came across a news article about what's being called Timewarpians.  Yet another new group, this one fast becoming my favorite, involving vintage fashion, living, etc, etc.
    In brief (hopefully), it's a group of like minded vintage lovers who are wearing their era of choice as an every day fashion statement.  Not simply for clubs, tea parties or meetings anymore.  Cnn tells of a group in London who call themselves the London Strollers.  Where they not only wear what looks to me like nineteen teen Edwardian fashion but stroll about a specific area, which is reminiscent of the Victorian habit of walking or riding through the park to keep in touch with the community.
  I think its' a wonderful idea, and it sure beats the nasty habit most have taken to, which is sitting at home in front of the Tele.
  What excites me most is the growth of this trend.  Those such as myself, who were lucky enough to have grandparents who were alive during the Edwardian era and are in love with the past themselves, can now, with pride, exibit those desires to be vintage.
  I think in part for those who are younger, it's a way of getting away from the noise, and stressful habits we've taken on as a society, and to embrace a more calming way of living.  Not to mention everyone, and I do mean everyone, is greatly improved by Victorian fashion.  I don't care who you are, the frumpy dumpy look we've been calling casual just makes us look frumpy dumpy.  But take a man even with a beer belly, and put in him vintage fashion and he's transformed into the portly gentleman.
   I think I'm definitely going to pick up my sewing again, and perhaps purchase a few more La Mode patterns.  Since it's 2010 some from 1910 should be quite suitable.

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