Friday, January 8, 2010

New directions

   Well, it's been awhile since I both felt like blogging as well as sewing.  I still intend to finish what I began and continue with vintage sewing techniques.  I love vintage couture probably more than any, but it does take some time, lots of study, and worse searching all over for vintage texts.
   It recently dawned on me in one of those /palmface duh moments I seem to have lately.  Couture isn't limited to sewing.   I think some of us tend to think of it as that, based on the fact couture was coined as a tag for specific designer made clothing.
   But in all actuality, it's a fine tuning of any craft really.  That extra Je nai cest quoi that separates a simple crafting into a work of art.  And isn't that really what couture is all about?  Creating art from the ordinary.
   Recently this year I've been teaching myself to knit.  I've also delved into tatting which I'll share when I feel like doing some.  But with knitting something clicked.  Similar with sewing it just makes sense.  I can look at something and if I've seen the technique I recognize it.  I can imagine how the fabric I'm weaving with my needles can be manipulated into something different.
   I guess what I'm saying is I hope to be able to do a bit of blogging more in the near future.  But it probably won't be strictly sewing anymore.   I think I'm going to go where the muse takes me and see what kind of crafting mischief I can get into.
  Oh before I forget Belle Armoire.  Great magazine, you should check it out if you like wearable art.  Simply beautiful.

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