Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Small progress

Doing more than one project at the same time, with a few dozen more in mind, is enough to drive one insane. But at least I have a small bit, if not tiny, amount of progress finally going on some.
In relation to this blog (who doesn't have more than one theme going these days?), I had been working on my current corset project. I'm about this far, which isn't as much as I'd hoped.

I'm doing it by hand because I feel more in control that way, not to mention sitting in front of the tele with a vid on is much better than listening to my machine any day. And more comfy.
I only got as far as the busk when I realized I don't have any grommets left. I wanted to check my spiral bones to see if I had enough of those as well, but I'm strongly considering using steel instead. Either way it's on hold while I get more supplies.
Meanwhile, I managed to work out an almost ready pattern for my regency inspired hat.

And even got together a test prototype.

A bit floppy, but it is just paper and muslin. I realized after I did the bag, that it might work better if I tried Lynn McMasters approach and make the bag a band instead, gathering the top until it forms a bag. It's set on a band, which will then be sewn onto the brim. I'm also not quite happy with the brim, but after I add another half inch in the front, I think it'll be a go. After that I'll do the buckram and work out the wires.
Last, I finished my catch stitching on my grey skirt. Here you can also see the bias binding over the raw seams. They took me only about 5 to 10 minutes each to sew by hand.

Both techniques are quite old, which amuses me, because I've come across several sewists who assume the only thing done over raw edges was whip stitching. I believe the french hem is as old as the 18th century, possibly longer, as another example of covering raw edges. In couture, there are several types used, and sergers are never employed.

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