Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update on Cuff pattern

  Well, I think I'm on the edge of a headache, but I finally found enough help files over at Ravelry to figure out how to add the pattern for the cuffs as a download.   It took no less than 6 posts and 5 searches to get all the information, and they said it was easy lol.  It is easy, but they negated to say you'd have to read more than one how to to figure it out.
  Anyhoo I survived the process and the Cuffs translation from my last post can now be had at Ravelry for free to download.  Just follow this link if interested.
Cuffs at Ravelry

If not, perhaps another pattern I figure out and share might be more to your liking.  I already have several more from Miss Lambert that caught my eye, as well as some from a few other civil war era books, which also lack proper imagery.
   For future reference, I'll only create pdf files for full patterns.  Stitch patterns I'll just list here.

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