Saturday, May 15, 2010


   Ever get that feeling that your Works in Progress out number your Finished Objects?  I think that's what's happening to my projects.  Not only have I accumulated more stash than I have projects for, but I realized I have more projects than I should have going on with knitting.

Oh I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining.  I'm not.  If it were just knitting I wanted to do, I'd have at it and do as many as I have needles and yarn for.
   But I realized we're well into the year and I still haven't even started drafting patterns for the linen I bought last year, or the ripple skirt I'd love to have.  And don't get me started on the Garibaldi blouse I was so set on designing myself.  Honestly I think I'm going to cheat on that one and buy the pattern from Truly Victorian.   But then that leads first to their corset pattern I bought, foolishly thinking it'd be easier than the Laughing Moon pattern.  It is pattern wise, I love it.  But I realized it's the sewing by hand that's getting me.  Never attempt it with drill, that's all I can say.

   Anyway back to knitting and crochet.  Side tracked is probably why many of us have so many wips going on.  One of my diversions isn't too bad though, as it resulted in an interesting Irish Crochet rose bud.

  Side view.

    Only took three pieces of mesh worked around a cord, then pieced together.  Once I tie it off I'll cut those dangly cords and sew on some leaves..  Very simple, but in a way I'm thinking of adding it to my wips and doing a whole bouquet in colors.  This took crochet thread in sz 20, however what if it were done in lace yarn?  Or cobweb weight?  That opens up possibilities, doesn't it?
   Yep, side tracked, but as always for a good project idea.

   In the meantime I'm trying to stay on track with my Pi R 2 shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around. 

My husband's Aunt Sissy has been feeling a bit down lately.  Mainly because she had to move into a care home for round the clock nursing care.  We thought we were going to loose her for at first.  So I wanted to give her something really pretty, and still being new to knitting the Pi R 2 seemed perfect.  If you haven't tried it, you should.  It's such a simple design, yet even in lace weight feels like it'll add the right amount of warmth for the summer months.  Since her favorite color is pink, Knit Picks new Shadow tonal lace weight is perfect.  Here you can see how the variation in colors just blend to form this really pretty fabric.

   I figure once I finish the shawl I'll get back to nibbling down the other WIPs I have.  However I can't help but add one more to the list with this yarn.

   Time Traveler from Knit Picks limited edition Felici yarn, Dr. Who inspired colorway.   What a great nudge these will be as long socks to get me to finally narrow down my colors and start my Dr. Who scarf.  Which will be another WIP for another day.

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