Friday, April 10, 2009


I have every intention of doing a pair of pockets in linen, but meanwhile why waste good fabric, and thread until you've practiced first?
So I chose this last weekend to start on a pair with ordinary cotton muslin, cotton thread and a simple blackwork design. Since I was stuck in the house last weekend ill, I decided it'd pass the time, then promptly grew sick of doing the same design image repeatedly. Here's the almost finished first pocket.

The beauty of the whole thing is the freedom I have in mixing blackwork with c18th century pockets, additionally with a late victorian monogram. I've enjoyed looking at period correct projects, but honestly mixing era's and making them work today is what this is all about. Btw, I'm not the only one, but I'll mention that after this.

The second pocket is only just begun. I placed a thin layer of batting between the two layers, and used a common couture diagonal basting stitch to hold everything down while I design everything and stitch it out. It's used especially when fabric may slip around, such as silk, or wool for example.

I have no idea how the image turned itself sideways. It was upright when I logged it from the camera, and is upright on the digital camera. Hmmm, curious that. Anyway my thoughts are something in the center with trapunto in celtic knotwork, with something jacobean on each side. I'm still deciding what to do for the rest, but I may just try a bit of cording, or more trapunto with some couched stitches. It all depends on how the first thoughts come out.

Ok, now my comment. I noticed that finally one couture artist has finally borrowed from farther back in time for inspiration. Dior for his spring couture collection, went dutch. Vemeer palette colours, dutch inspiration c17th century. I wasn't thrilled with everything in the collection, such as this particular dress

However I do love the bodice half. The sleeves are bold, the bodice perfectly vintage. Going to prove my point, you can wear any period clothing updated in a modern world. And Dior just beat me to it, that's all.
Another piece I loved in particular was this one.

Absolutely beautiful bold colours, with gorgeous contrasting fabric.
To see his entire collection, just visit here: Dior spring 09 couture collection And click on see the slideshow underneath the image. There were others I loved, such as an evening dress all in white with gorgeous white on white details. If I had the cash, that would be the dress I'd try re-creating.

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