Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sewing is not couture

For what it's worth, my intentions are to create a full vintage inspired wardrobe from the ground up. With the heat already beginning to hit us here in OK, I'm thinking I'll need to work fast and think sheer, lightweight and easy to assemble for the first piece or two.
From everything I've studied I'm clearly going to make a petticoat or two. Possibly one from Truly Victorian, or I might just draft my own using Elizabeth Stewart Clark's drafting information over at the sewing academy. My intention is to keep this affordable as well, plus her free patterns are period correct.
After that, I do intend to have at least one corset. If I can learn the mechanics of it, more than one, but definately a thinner one layer type. Either victorian or victorian sport style. If there's a chance I could rework it for a larger figure I might try Sense and sensibilities short stays. I have found a couple examples of regency stays that were a little longer in the waist, and sewn a little differently, but it not then definately I'm going to work on Past Patterns 705, either plain or corded.
On top of that, who knows. I'm currently drooling over the patterns at Truly Victorian, but I keep thinking from what I've been learning from Don McCunns pattern drafting book, if I have a little patience I could probably figure them out as well.
If I do anything at least I'll get one or two but here is where I intend to document the progress of everything I make.
Including my doll making self education. Granted I'm learning from books such as the one's Susan Oroyenn wrote, but still it's self taught. My holy grail of doll making will be one day making one that at least compares well enough to Antoinette Cely's dolls, which are very realistic looking fabric dolls usually dressed in vintage attire.
Tonight I'll finalize if I'm drafting or buying a pattern for the petticoat, but it's a good place to start.
Oh, and before I forget, my intentions are to employ vintage couture techniques and maybe a little of the modern couture ones rather than just sew it. Sewing is not the same as couture.

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